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Our Mission


We are a Family who put their lives ,to not only train and sell dogs,but to live and be in contact with them for 365 days in a year 24/hrs a day.

We breed ours dogs to the highest  strandard and ethic of breeding,strongly keeping to learned things through our 40 year of tradition.Our kennel is provided 1000s of exellent dogs,our trainers the "soul" of the dogs,and always seeking for knowlege,pushing further our goals to have  better dogs,with good temperament,great personality,family raised ,all terain dogs.On who your Family not that just can count in every situation in everyday life,but will be a best friend to your childrens,on who you want to be with you everywhere where you can legaly take ,and most of all a great family member.


Our gool is to make your family happy as ours are with dogs.We provide,happy ,healty dogs to our clients,always proud on them knowing that bring joy,happynes like they did for our family.

The dogs we have are breed ,rised and train in family environment,around childrens ,other dogs ,as well as horses and chickens.

Puppies are socialized from early ages,as there is bunch of situations,things they have to learn,in the house they are comfortable with different type off flooring,not bothered with sounds like TV,dust cleaner, coffe machine,also they are learning table manners,not jumpy for food while the family has breakfast or dinner.We teache them for stairs,upstairs/downstairs,for doors,gates,that they don't have to rush out through doors-gates ,rather be patient and wait for the handlers command,routine.