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Family owned business since 1962. Our protection dogs are family safe and great with kids. We train Family Protection Dogs in our own home. They adapt to the family environment, our training program is aimed at this, these are not sports dogs, they are prepared for real life from an early age. Stay safe with on of the EliteProtectionDogs A protection dog is the ultimate security measure for yourself and your family. Alerting you to danger before you even realize it exists, a protection dog can give you the peace of mind and extra layer of security that you need. On its own, a protection dog can function to warn you of potential danger and allow you the opportunity to make distance and escape the immediate threat. Waking you during the night and checking the security of your home, hotel room or car, a protection dog can be your reliable partner in keeping safe. And, because a protection dog can travel with you domestically and internationally, you'll never have to worry about being without security when you're away from home. Providing security where weapons are not permitted, a protection dog is always ready when you are not. Give Us a call today and see why our customers are so satisfied!
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Benefits of Owning a Personal Protection Dog

Do you ever feel like you're not safe, even in your own home? Do you worry about what would happen if an intruder broke in while you were asleep? What if there was a fire and you needed to evacuate in a hurry? These are the kinds of dangers that a EliteProtectionDogs can help guard against.

An EliteProtectionDogs are more than just a loyal friend - they're your personal security detail, always on the lookout for danger. They can sense when something isn't right and will let you know with a warning bark or by alerting you to the presence of someone nearby. And if an intruder does manage to get past your dog, they'll be met with a formidable opponent who won't back down from a fight.

An EliteProtectionDogs are the ultimate security system, and they're always ready to protect you and your family, no matter what the situation. So, give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're always protected - get an EliteProtectionDogs today.

  • Your Safety On Autopilot

    Safety, Right? Nothing can be compared with the peace of your mind knowing that someone is always ready to protect you physically, gives you psychical strength in everyday life. That's what EliteProtectionDogs are provide to its owner, a Safety on Autopilot!

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  • Discourage The Intruders

    There are numerous studies about how dogs are affecting the decision of an intruder selecting the properties, they will 99% pass if there is a big loud barking dog on the property.

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  • Ideal Family Companionship

    Our dogs are ideal family companions, they are curious but reserved for the family, they are ready to follow you all day round. You can go with them hiking, jogging or just hanging at your home, they are ready to be a company for you.

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  • They’re Highly Trained

    Elite Protection Dogs are trained from their early ages, very well prepared for family life with childrens, with other dogs, with other house pets. Well behaved dogs are the best companions for the family.

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Who Do We Recommend Getting a Personal Protection Dog?

So why do you need a protection dog? It might be for your safety and that of those around you. EliteProtectionDogs are useful if there is an area in which to protect, whether it's just one person or many individuals who require extra attention from their canine companion. They can also provide peace-of mind when on vacation with friends as well!

The most common use case would involve single women living alone - they often feel vulnerable due not only physical limitations but emotional ones too. Senior citizens may find themselves increasingly targeted by criminals looking at predominantly younger people; this isn't something we want happening so getting ourselves some trained EliteProtectionDogs makes perfect sense.

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  • Family Safety is No.1 Priority!

    ELITE PROTECTION DOGS are 100% family-friendly and safe. All Elite Protection Dogs are bred and trained to be members of your family. Utilizing our proprietary experiential home integration training, EPD dogs are contrast method trained, ensuring responsiveness to a gentler approach that is easily transferable to any owner, regardless of dog handling experience. EliteProtectionDogs come from our family to yours.

  • Bloodlines are Important

    A dog’s biological traits are paramount to its success as a Personal Protection Dog. These traits are determined entirely by its breeding/bloodline. The lineage of every Elite Protection Dogs includes only the finest, established and documented European bloodlines and this heritage is evident not only in their stunning appearance, but more importantly in their healthy, clear-minded temperament. All Elite Protection Dogs have passed our stringent Temperament Assessment within the first 20 weeks of life including a study of both individual and pack behavior.

  • Experience is Important

    Developing successful Elite Protection Dogs requires knowledge and wisdom that can only be gained through experience. We are proud of our four generations of world-renowned dog trainers certified in the US, Europe, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. With over 60 years of experience breeding and training Personal Protection and other working dogs, our trainers are masters of developing dogs with the drive to bond and relate with their owners using biological and sociological principles.

  • Training is Far-Reaching!

    Elite Protection Dogs are personal protection dogs from birth. As Master Breeders and Trainers, we classify EPDs with their peak level of training within 2 weeks of initial pup training - discerning trainable behaviors from permanent, biologically determined traits. Please be aware that this is NOT the industry standard. Most companies acquire pre-trained dogs (such as schutzhund and other titled sporting dogs from Europe) and then must BREAK their training to re-train them as protection dogs. Elite Protection Dogs does not compete with our dogs because we develop Working Dogs for REAL Life Situations, not sporting dogs.

Need Help Choosing The Right Personal Protection Dog?

Sometimes making an adequate decision isn't as straightforward...Getting the best suited personal protection dog for your lifestyle and circumstances is the first and most imporant step. We're here to assist you!

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